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We made it to Episode #10!  To celebrate, Tony and Jim count down the winning songs of our 7 contests over the past 2 years on  To help us introduce each of these spectacular contest-winning tunes, we talk to as many of the winners as we could get a hold of to see what they’ve been up to! 

In this episode, we feature:

Kevin Woodburn from Half Hour City (“The Season“/Free Gear for Leap Year, Feb 2012)

Julian Shah-Tayler from The Singularity (“Talking in Your Sleep“/Kick-ASCAP, Apr 2012)

Paul Nicoll (“Gringo Mambo“/Make a HomeGrown Summer Hit, Jun 2012)

Billy Schafer (Answering machine) (“F-Bomb“/Dia De Los Muertos, Nov 2012)

Rachelle (“Brave New World“/Kick-ASCAP 2, Apr 2013)

This Must Be Thursday (Unavailable) (“Another Song“/Make a HomeGrown Summer Hit 2, Jun 2013)

James Kerr AKA Sugardoll (“Top of the World“, HomeGrown Hits for the Holidays, Jan 2014)


And the Winner is…Sugardoll!


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Our ““Home Grown Hits for the Holidays” Song Contest” is over, and the grand prize winner is the UK-based Sugardoll, with their song Top of the World. Their writing and performing skills earns them the top prize, a fully loaded Gibson Brands home studio plus a feature profile on Recording magazine’s website and e-newsletter!

Free subscription to Recording magazine go to Sugardoll, along with the following spectacular artists: Joe Lamb, who had 2 songs in the Contest top ten (“Giving Up” and “When We Were Young”); AR3A (“theN0thing”); Zach Saunders (“Wonderful”); J.T. & the Blue Mountain Stone (“All I Want (for Christmas)”); Ben Davis (“Mind Games”); Thanai, with two songs in the Contest top ten (“Our Lies” and “Cigarettes”); and Coral Bones (“Youthemism”).

Thanks to Gibson Brands and Recording magazine for donating the prizes. And thanks to all the talented artists that uploaded 87 songs and made our contest such a success! Radio Episode 9: British Invasion


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Appropriately for Episode “Number Nine,” the top of the Charts has four great songs by British bands, leading to the #1 song “Giving Up” by Joe Lamb. In this episode Tony and Jim outlaw the word “amazing”, and still manage to properly praise the Top Ten songs on [Recorded November 26, 2013]

“HomeGrown Hits for the Holidays” Contest! [FINISHED]


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It’s that time of year again… going home to spend time with family and friends for the Holidays. It’s that fantastic time of year filled with all the stress, guilt and anxiety that only the Holidays can bring. Why not write a song about it! To give you some incentive, we’ve partnered with Gibson Brands and Recording Magazine to ring in our “Home Grown Hits for the Holidays” Song Contest. You’re not gonna believe this. This year’s winner will receive a complete home studio plus an exclusive profile in Recording Magazine!

Gibson Brands

First of all, the top charted song will earn the artist or band a fully feature-loaded home studio from Gibson Brands:

Recording Magazine

We are so excited about this contest, because now we not only give you the gear, but give you something that is at least as important for an independent musician: exposure. Our friends at Recording Magazine have sent us this message describing their contribution to the contest:

All of us at Recording, The Magazine for the Recording Musician, are pleased to be a part of the “Home Grown Hits for the Holidays” contest. We look forward to supplying the top ten charting contestants with a free one-year subscription to Recording Magazine. We’re all about helping musicians and songwriters make the best recordings possible!

The winner and their song will also be featured in Recording‘s Monthly Spotlight Song Review e-newsletter, sent to 20,000 fellow recording musicians who will have the opportunity to check out the winning song. Spotlight showcases the song, gear, and recording techniques used by the artist.

The song will also be featured on Recording’s website, where 40,000 web visitors have the opportunity to hear the song, and read Recording’s resident Engineer/Producer Marty Peters critique.

We look forward to featuring’s chart-topping artist and song — here’s to winning the contest!

The top song on the contest charts on January 4th, 2014 at 5:30PM Pacific will win this prize package. (You can enter up to 3 songs in the contest.) The top ten songs will get their artists free subscriptions to Recording Magazine.

So upload your song, make sure the contest code “HOLIDAY” is entered in the upload form. (NOTE: you’ll need an account to upload. It only takes a minute to set one up.)

May the best song win!

This contest is over, and the winner is Sugardoll!

This Must Be Thursday Rocks Out With Their Prize


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This Must Be Thursday tries out their new gear

This Must Be Thursday tries out their new gear

We just received a note from This Must Be Thursday: “All the equipment arrived in good condition and works great. Attached is a picture of the band trying to use all this stuff” (we reproduce the picture above). This is what we love to see. Congratulations guys!

This Must Be Thursday won our last contest, but YOU could win the next one, which is in the works as we write… Watch this space…